Well I must say I think this soap is fantastic – but today I popped in to see my Mum ’93’ in the nursing home and asked what she was using when washing her face as it was so clean and fresh looking. Mum has big pores and they were not visible – Why? She asked – because it looks different. Acne and Age Defying soap are doing the trick.  ANN ANNO PHELPS

No Filter

Nobody likes a photo taken without makeup or even filters these days! Here I am completely raw NO MAKE UP NO FILTER, just a freshly washed face using both the acne soap and Age Defying soap. Even skin tone, no acne or lines (well they are just about unseen). Clean, fresh, radiating skin in 5 minutes! Winning! – KRYSTIE


Please do yourself a favour and try this soap. After one use I noticed and felt a difference in my skin. Amazingly smooth and reduced puffiness around my eyes. Couldn’t wait to use again to see more results – CASEY

Sunrise Fail

After watching the most boring drone woman on Sunrise this morning – with so much make up on she could barely crack a smile – tell me how much money I should be spending on beauty products, all I could think of is thank God I found your soaps because what the hell is wrong with her skin that she needs to hide it! I just want to look normal – JAYE

OMG It’s The Best

OMG it is the best stuff I’ve ever used, I could see the difference straight away, the huge lines under my eyes I can tell have relaxed, not so puffy and face is so smooth – CASEY

Clean & Smooth

I have used the acne soap a couple of times and so far so good! Leaves my skin feeling clean, tight and smooth. Hoping to minimise the redness and blackheads so will post pictures when I’ve used it a few more times. – SCARLETT GOULDING