HO-ME Morning Body Lotion


HO-ME morning Body lotion restores moisture to the skin and delivers a refreshing and relaxing sensation.


The HO-ME morning Body lotion is a special formula combination of maintenance and protection technology. Restores moisture to the skin, delivers a refreshing and relaxing sensation.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply HO-ME morning Body lotion directly on the body. For best results use together with HO-ME night body lotion to keep your skin smooth and healthy.

Takes Care of the Skin – The richness in multivitamins such as aloe vera extract and vitamin e help to maintain the skin.
Sun Protection – Sunscreen SPF 15 to protect your skin from sunburn and pollution.

INGREDIENTS: Aloe vera extract, Vitamin e, Titanium Dioxide, Clycery sterate se extract, Ceteareth-20 extract, Caprylie extract, Lanolin, Anhydrous, Aqual, Chamomile extract.