About HO-ME Cosmetics Australia

HO-ME Cosmetics’ passion is to help the millions of people who suffer with acne and other facial skin conditions by creating the best 100% natural, organic products to help them achieve clear, beautiful skin.

HO-ME Cosmetics’ research and development has delivered a range of quality skin care products that use only natural ingredients and stay true to our commitment to “Be friendly with people, to solve the problems properly.”

HO-ME Cosmetics are delighted to appoint HO-ME Cosmetics Australia as our official partner and international distributor. Our vision is to bring confidence and happiness to millions – we believe HO-ME Cosmetics can make a difference.

HO-ME Cosmetics Australia Certification.

DISCLAIMER: HO-ME Cosmetics Australia, the seller of these products is not familiar with customers skin types, conditions, skin history or sensitivity and does not make any personal recommendations of any kind to any buyer. We are not liable for any negative or harmful effects that may occur from using our products. It is highly recommended that you test our products on a small area of skin prior to complete coverage.

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HO-ME Cosmetics Pty Ltd

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Phone: 0417 891 412
Email: info@homecosmetics.com.au


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